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Our Churches

The four churches that make up the Loddon Reach Benefice team are St Mary the Virgin in Beech Hill, St Mary in Shinfield, St Michael & All Angels in Spencers Wood and All Saints in Swallowfield.

All four church buildings have their own unique history and character, Shinfield church originating in 1069, Swallowfield going back some 700 years, with Beech Hill and Spencers Wood being more contemporary by comparison, built in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively.

Regardless of history and architecture, each congregation offers a warmth of welcome that reflects their own distinctive personality, as they share the love of God in their parish communities. In our common humanity, and our understanding of how to approach God through worship, we’re all delightfully different. Indeed, it would be rather odd and not a little boring, if we were all the same. Therefore, one of the beauties and benefits of the benefice is that we offer a variety of services for new-comers to choose from. Recent new arrivals have done the circuit of our churches before settling down in the church that most closely corresponds to their spirituality. If you’re new to the area why not employ the same strategy?

Just as you will have explored different possibilities before deciding on your new home, it makes some sense to have a look around the local churches before deciding on your new spiritual home. And if you’ve lived here for some time, and are having thoughts about connecting or re-connecting with church, the same approach might be helpful to you, too.

Please see below for more details about our churches and for information about service times. Please note that on those rare fifth Sundays of the month we usually have a whole benefice service in one of the four churches - do get in touch to confirm which church is hosting.

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