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Church Services

We have a variety of forms and styles of worship throughout the Benefice ranging from the very traditional to the very informal. You can find specific details for each church below.

On those rare fifth Sundays of the month we usually have a whole benefice service in one of the four churches - do please get in touch to confirm which church is hosting.

Image by James Coleman

Eucharist or Holy Communion

In the Church of England one of the most important services is the Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion or simply Communion.

The other services do not celebrate the Eucharist, but in all our services we:

  • Give thanks for the benefits and blessings we have received from God

  • Praise Him in words and music

  • Hear the Bible read and/or explained

  • Ask in prayer for those things we and others need

Other forms of services

As well as the Communion services, there are a variety of other services held across the Benefice, including:
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